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Name: Marquees
Age: 28
Personal Journal: [personal profile] daqiao
Contact: [plurk.com profile] palamecian
Other In-Game Characters: N/A

Name: Dr.Cidolfus Demen Bunansa
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Canon: Final Fantasy XII
Canon Point: The Battle for the Sun-Cryst (Pharos)
History: The Reins of History Back Within the Hands of Man
Personality: Described as a genius mind with unfathomable talents, Draklor Laboratories’s Dr. Cid was a living legend. Revered for his scientific mind and vast knowledge, the doctor was also feared by those who remembered his part in the Fall of Nabudis. In the past, Dr. Cid has always conjured up controversy because of his scientific research, but the good doctor changed drastically after his expedition to Giruvegan.

He babbled endlessly to himself uncaring of those who see him during his heated debates with his invisible companion. Venat, also known as 'The Heretic' among her kind; was an Occurian who was cast out of the tranquil halls of Giruvegan by challenging the logic of Ivalice's self-proclaimed gods. For centuries, the Occuria fashioned the ties of history to their liking. They were the ones who allowed the legendary Dynast-King to unify the lands of Ivalice with the help of their deifacted neithcite. In an bold attempt to break the Occuria's hold over Ivalice, Venat betrayed them by telling all of their secrets to none other than Dr. Cid. While her motives were benevolent at best, Venat's actions lead Ivalice down a dark spiral.

Cid dedicates himself to the pursuit of nethicite, a manufactured form of magicite that allows humanity to claim back their destiny from the hands of god. This concept of reclaiming glory is what fascinates Cid to the point of obsession. Throughout the years, his sanity waned while his lust for power grew to the point of absurdity. It's because of this that his relationship with his colleagues became increasingly strained. Known as a 'madman' throughout all corners of Ivalice, Dr. Cid's reputation takes a nosedive after causing the genocide and destruction of the fair kingdom of Nabradia.

Dr. Cid’s lunacy knows no end for it’s constantly guided by his vast intellect. He's a monster that seems incapable of showing remorse. However, most people don't realize that Cid was once a loving father. Prior to the evils that would befall upon him in Giruvegan; the doctor was a normal man. He always shown a great interest in scholarly pursuits, but he wasn't always possessed by them. Enslaved by the magiciate's magical allure; Dr. Cid changed drastically. Despite the obvious scar he's left on Ivalice's soil, Dr. Cid still views himself in the right. He genuinely views his work as beneficial to humanity as a whole, and not just for the Empire's march of manifest destiny. Cid believes that the nethicite his manufactures will be the key to humanity's future.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Cid took these beliefs right to his grave...

Third-Person Sample:

A slight hiss escaped the good doctor's lips now that he finds himself in this shoddy tavern drinking away his sorrows. The once great Doctor Cid was now nothing more than a drunkard lamenting over the past. With every sip of this bitter brew, Cidolfus remembered everything that has transpired up till now.

"Venat..." The name sounded so foreign his lips now. "Where ever have you gone?" He muttered before drowning the last bit of his ale. The elderly barkeep across from the counter watched Cidolfus curiously with a keen eye. While he honestly doubted that the old coot knew him, Cidolfus could tell that his fancy attire certainly made him stick out like a sore thumb. Balfonheim is a den for cutthroats and pirates, not esteemed scientists such as himself.

"I must quit this place." Cidolfus grumbled once he caught the barkeep's gaze again. "While the ale is most enjoyable, the atmosphere certainly lacks some luster." He cuts his eyes sharply towards his far left to find a shady group of men sitting by the window. Since his arrival here, all eyes have been on him. Their gaze lingered uncomfortably along Cidolfus's back like piercing daggers. Then there's the whispering. Oh yes, the whispering. It would seem that some of the patrons in this homely tavern could tell his Archadian roots just by looking at him.

"Quite inhospitable." Cidolfus sighed as he slammed his glass down upon the counter. The barkeep arched his bushy white eyebrow high in curiosity, but Cid said nothing as he searched for his coin pouch. Tossing two golden coins towards the proprietor, Cid silently slipped towards the unhinged doors.

"This is no place for an Archadian Gentleman, nevertheless a self-proclaimed genius." A slight smirk settled upon the doctor's lips once he walked towards the sunlit cobblestone streets. It was high noon and the streets were teeming with life. It's not uncommon to see people of all walks of life here whether they be Archadian or not. Peddlers as far away as Rozzaria now travel down these streets in hope of making a profit in a newly reborn Ivalice. However, relics of the brutal war still exist in the form of haggard soldiers and former resistance fighters. Much has changed in Ivalice since the good doctor last lived.

"Not at all, though I suppose Balfonheim isn't without some merit." He mutters when a pair of sun-kissed beauties walk past him in unison. "Oh my..." His eyes stray from the duo's lovely but stoic faces towards their plump backsides.

"There's definitely some merit to be found here." The old doctor chuckled as he glances away.

Mognet Sample:

So the stage is set, Vayne?

[A slight chuckle escapes the madman's lips as he awaits his answer. So far everything seems to be going according to plan.]

Excellent! I've been waiting for this day to come, and it has finally arrived posthaste!

[His laughter ceases momentarily for now. There's much to discuss after all.]

Now that the Occuria have taken their leave of Ivalice, I can certainly continue with my precious research without any hindrance from the so-called “Gods”. However, considering how the Empire has done away with my previous work--it shall take time before I can recreate nethicite worthy enough to match the power of Raithwall’s legacy.

[ Tsk, tsk, tsk...] Such a shame, that.

Moogle Name: Francel
Moogle Gender: Male
First Job: Gunner
Second Job: Engineer
Limit Break: S-27 Tomahawk Special Mark XII

Utilizing one of his most powerful rifles from Draklor in combat, Cidolfus fires several beams of energy straight towards his opponents using the S-27 Tomahawk. The gun is a high powered rifle bolstering in nethicite that's capable of causing severe damage non-elemental damage to all enemies. The Tomahawk dwarfs Cidolfus in size by three-fold and no one is quite certain how he manages to hold such an enormous rifle without aid.