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The purpose of this meme is simple! Comment with your name and a list of characters you played in Melodies. After that, comment around and spread the love, but more importantly tell them what you love about them: whether it’s characterization, details, dedication, you name it.

It's been a wonderful three years, and we hope you enjoyed your time in Melodies!
And so with the world saved, Melodies of Life draws to a close! The golden ending was unlocked and as the conclusion thread is drawing out, we have decided to post a conclusion so you can start playing the aftermath and move on to other games without being burdened by the conclusion. Your characters have saved the world and are now offered the choice to stay on Crystallis or go home, what will they choose? There is a FAQ below for the most common questions you may have in mind. Feel free to ask questions in this post as well, as there will never be another OOC Post this is your last chance to do so. However please forgive the mods if they reply very slowly

What happened in the currently unfinished conclusion thread?
Time resumed its course and the Four Heroes of Light who sacrificed themselves fell dead onto the ground. Those remaining returned to the Enterprise and saw Kalki's Castle collapsing while the Island of Aqures Tosf went out of control, due to the First Crystal's death and the Calamity's departure. In the midst of the chaos, Palitutu returned onto the Airship (along with Artemicion and Deweg) and revealed that the modifications made to the Soul Divider would allow for the restoration the First Crystal; just enough so that Crystallis would be able to live as long as any other world, no more no less. Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Mograma were all given one of the four Black Crystals and used their connection to the Calamity to put the plan to execution. Palitutu used X-Banish to cast the Heroes of Light into the Rift, to protect them and their world should Crystallis die.

By August 3rd, all the Heroes of Light will have woken up by the outskirts of Aqures Ixen. Whilst from their point of view only seconds passed, months actually passed between the use of X-Banish and their return to Crystallis. Not only they awakened by the outskirts of Aqures Ixen, but absolutely all the Heroes of Light who were in the game at some point, even if they were dropped. Those who died for real however didn't return.

Aqures Ixen is now doing better and is under reconstruction under Cid's regency. It appears Cid was warned by Varaha that the Heroes of Light would re-appear on the 3rd, hence a celebration is being held in the city in their honor when they return. It is the final IC Log in which you can partake.

My character has an in-game friend who dropped, and they are not interested in playing in the final log?
Some Heroes of Light might have mysteriously disappeared. They might have awakened somewhere else in Crystallis, they may have gotten lost in the Interdimensional Rift or worse, they may have died for real off-screen.

What about after the Celebration is over?
The characters are all given a choice by Cid: they can go back home, they can go to someone else's homeworld or they can stay on Crystallis. They have 30 in-game days to make a choice. Past these 30 days, Cid and the Herans will destroy the Soul Divider as well as all other Ancient installations relating to world-travel, to prevent this tragedy from ever repeating again.

What if my character decide to go back home?
They'll return to their current canon point, regain all of their powers but lose Job powers. They will keep memories of everything that's happened.

Are characters from the same canon going to back to the same world, or to slightly different realities?
It can go either way, that's up to you!

What if my character decides to go to someone else's homeworld?
They will keep their memories and will lose their Job powers. They may regain their true powers or they may be able to learn magic from this world. It depends on the rules that apply to said homeworld, they're all unique!

What about the Moogles?
Moogles can follow characters to another world. However, this isn't a decision taken lightly. Some of them have friends and family. Crystallis is their homeworld and they might be attached to it. It depends on how adventurous they are and / or how much they'd rather follow their friends than stay on Crystallis. They will lose the ability to switch Jobs regardless (or rather, there are no longer multiple Jobs for them to switch).

Their lives overall have become much easier thanks to the Mognet Devices created by the Herans. Yet, strikes still seem to be something of a national sport...

What if my character decides to stay in Crystallis?
They will keep one Job and will live as a normal citizen! Whilst they'll have some privileges and will be admired by many, over time they'll become citizens like everyone else. That implies paying for your house, working and paying taxes.


What about Jobs?
If your character stays on Crystallis, they'll be able to keep only one Job. Using special machines they can switch, but they're very expensive, dangerous and they'd have to start from scratch every time they switch Jobs. Not to mention, the learning rate is now decoupled and as exp bonuses do not exist, it would take them 10 years to master a Job from scratch. Indeed-- They could wield two Jobs thanks to the Calamity and could learn at a faster rate thanks to their Crystal. Neither of these are a thing any more.

As such, this means all Advanced Jobs are no longer available. Furthermore, the following regular Jobs will no longer work either: Crystal Researcher, Calamity Knight, Santa Claus, Onion Knight, World Knight. Freelancers can remain as such, but new Freelancers will not be able to learn the skills. The Eidolons are all gone and Summoner, whilst still a Job, is practically useless. Skills pertaining to immortality or reviving (such as Life and Rise from the Dead) are all gone.

What's the state of Crystallis by August 3rd?
The continents are still broken apart, but the cities are now inhabited and being rebuilt; the sun shines again. Calamity monsters have disappeared and the number of normal monsters is far below what it used to be. The four great crystals all shattered and there are no replacements for them, but the world seems to be doing fine without them. The statue depicting the four Heroes of Light in Aqures Ixen has been rebuilt, but now depicts the four characters who sacrificed themselves.

What about the NPCs?
Cid is the Regent of Aqures Ixen and works alongside Biggs to turn the kingdom into a democracy. Reconstruction efforts have been started to rebuild Aqures Tosf, Roalie and Balicea as well. Wedge has remained in the Village of Santa Claus and many Tarutaru returned to rebuild Trano Golsaucia.

Prajapati has started using her real name, Matsya, and has become Queen of Hera. She has restored the Senate and Hera is once again a constitutional monarchy. Kurma has been making his way up in the ranks of Esdham and will be elected President within a couple years, thanks to the absence of anyone else competent enough to take the spot. Varaha still works as head of the Esdham Military. Gibbs works for the new Heran government. Jenni committed suicide after she learned of everything that happened with Kalki. The potion-selling Heran soldier has become Governor of Nabila City under Mastya's rule and they are working on giving the city its independence once more.

Artemicion and Mograma both work for Mognet as normal employees now. Palitutu disappeared. According to Artemicion, she died of old age shortly following her use of X-Banish on the Heroes of Light. There is no one who can confirm or deny his words. Deweg has disappeared as well.

The Monster Arena Old Man has disappeared whereas the Moogle who was working with him has gone insane and is interned in the Hospital of Aqures Ixen. He'll only laugh madly whenever asked where the Old Man is or what happened to him, as well as spouts of nonsense. O'aka has become mayor of Downapolis / Aerillon II. The former Aerillon has been definitely abandoned.

The PuPus were never seen again. Gilgamesh was accidentally hit by Palitutu's X-Banish and got lost in the Interdimensional Rift.

Can my character pick an option then go back on their decision?
Alas, they cannot.

But my character can travel between worlds!
Not that kind of worlds. And now let's speak cosmogony and use a forest as example! Each leaves are made of cells. Each of these cells are an Universe. The leaf itself constitute the entirety of all possible alternate realities for your world. It's what we call the Multiverse. Then, these leaves are on a branch. These branches are on a tree. These trees are part of a forest. This forest is one of many. Worlds whose physics are radically different might not exist on the same tree, perhaps they do not even exist within the same forest.

Whilst your character may possess the ability to travel to universes contained within the same leaf, can they go to universes who are on other leaves? In most work of fictions, characters tend to travel within their own multiverse and interact with worlds that are built relatively similarly. In DWRP however, cartoon characters, superheroes and historical figures can co-exist. In the case of Crystallis, a world that can accommodate people from so many different universe, it exists on a tree of its own. Of course, it is technically possible to build ways to achieve such travels, the Ancients did it after all. The world-travelling in DWRP is on a scale of its own.

Can we play the aftermath?
Of course! Please feel free to make your own posts in the Mognet and Log comms if you'd so like to play your characters' lives following the conclusion! The game is officially closed, but the comms remain open if you wish to post here, albeit you may post in your own journals as well if you so like. Please note the moderators will no longer be moderators once this post posted, hence nothing will be modded any more.

What about the four Heroes of Light who sacrificed themselves?
They're dead, Jim.

The four sacrificed Heroes of Light will all be reborn in the world created by the Calamity. Furthermore, all other Heroes of Light who died for real will also be reborn in the new world (such as Zelda and Jack). Certain NPCs who died in the course of the game will be reborn in this world as well.

What is this world like? Can our characters go there and save those who died for real? Will they remember their past lives?
Unfortunately, no information can be divulged about the new world. Perhaps this shall be a story for another time...

And, this is it! We would like to thank our players, without who the game would have been very different and could never have reached its conclusion. The one writing this would also like to thank all the Helper Mods, without whom this game would have closed a long time ago. We hope you all enjoyed the game and we wish you the best luck in all your future RP endeavors!

Characters: Anyone who's been in the game
Where: Aqures Ixen
When: August 3rd
Summary: A story is over, many others are about to begin. Friends may reunite and rejoice together, friends may part and say farewell to each over forever. But even if you should leave your friends behind, your voice shall never forget their melodies.

Following the battle against Kalki, the sacrifice of old friends and the second destruction of Aqures Tosf, Palitutu cast all Heroes of Light into the Rift, each of them finding themselves in an all too familiar void. And yet... Soon the void vanished, as it had once before. This time it was all too clear none of this had been a dream. Upon coming to their senses, the Heroes of Light will find themselves on the outskirts of Aqures Ixen. Music and laughter can be heard coming from the city.

Is there a celebration in the city? Shouldn't it be filled with corrupted Heroes of Light and on the brink of destruction? Before they can do anything about these questions, the Heroes of Light are submerged by a wave of fluffy white balls of fur and fluff- the Moogles who helped them for all these years and are now overjoyed to see they are safe and sound. As they once did before, the Moogles will answer all of their questions, but also drag them into the city. A celebration is indeed taking place and why, it appears they are the reason the celebration is happening. The music is joyous, the people are happy and all appears to be for the best.

Upon reaching the third district, they will see familiar faces. Cid, Wedge, Biggs, Parajapati, Mograma, O'aka and many other friends they made along the way. They will all clap for them before congratulating them and taking part in the festivities. There are more familiar faces, however. Where once stood the Crystal of Fire is now a statue depicting four Heroes of Light: Sephiroth, Minato, Tears and Sayaka, all four of them brandishing their crystal and weapons in a heroic posture.

Whilst many might be sad and mourn them, perhaps this is also an occasion to celebrate what they were in life and carry the memory of their deeds into your own life. Melodies of life, come circle round and grow deep in our hearts, as long as we remember.