draklorgenius: (Is that so?)
Dr. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa ([personal profile] draklorgenius) wrote2012-08-27 05:13 pm


What brings us here today, my dearest esteemed colleague?

Oh? A little rumor states that you've been plotting to take up the mantle again for old time sakes. While I'm quite eager to know if this is true, I must ask a rather dire and important question. What shall you do with the sly old marquis, hm?

I take it you've lost interest in him if you now seek my counsel. If so, I shan't blame you. The Marquis, as regal as he may seem isn't quite as charming as I.

Then again no one is, sadly. I'm quite out of everyone's league!

Now let us converse a little more about your fiendish plan for world domination and "blah, blah".

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